The internet is full of cleaning hacks designed to save you money while doing a thorough job. Some of these might not sound so enticing. How would you feel about sewing cloth toilet paper for you and your family to share? Perhaps not. Some of these hacks are weirdly original and effective, and you might have seen one such trick for giving your carpets a deep clean. How about dragging a squeegee across your carpets to remove dust and dirt? While it might be effective, this is not always the same as being as efficient a method as it could be. Cleaning your carpets can be a chore, although it's a necessary one, and it can involve more than simply dragging your vacuum cleaner across your carpets (and using a squeegee is entirely optional).

1. Regular Cleaning

Yes, using your vacuum cleaner is the best way to give your carpets a decent cleaning, but for many people, it's the first and last step. On some days that's fine, but on other days it should only be the first step. Make sure your vacuum cleaner is up to the task. Suction can be decreased when its dust collector is full, so make sure it's emptied on a regular basis. Change the vacuum cleaner bag while you're at it, or at least inspect it for tears, which can decrease the strength of the suction. As for how often you need to vacuum, it depends on your home. People with kids and pets might find they need to vacuum far more frequently than others.

2. Deep Cleaning

That squeegee hack is essentially designed to stimulate the individual fibres of a carpet, forcing them to part, which releases dirt and dust that might have been hiding from your vacuum cleaner. You don't need to get on your hands and knees and vigorously rub your carpets with a squeegee. Invest in a rug sweeper. It does the same job with less effort, although it needs to precede a thorough vacuuming. There's no point in releasing that dirt and dust unless it's about to be sucked up.

3. Professional Cleaning

You could rent a professional carpet cleaning machine, but you'll get better results if you call in the professionals. A regular, professional carpet cleaning will not only clean your flooring but will also deodorise and even disinfect. Just how regularly this needs to happen can again depend on your home (and who lives in it).

Regular vacuum cleaning is about the best thing that you can do for your carpets, but remember that they will sometimes need a little extra attention. Contact a carpet cleaning company for more information.