Carpet dyeing is a good way to conceal stains that have been created by rambunctious kids running amok around your house. But when you have kids, there are some additional factors you may need to consider to ensure the process is safe and hazard free. This guide explains some kid-friendly considerations before you get your carpet dyed. 

1. Find Out Adequate Details About The Dyes Used By The Professionals 

It's important that you find out what kinds of carpet dyes are used by the professionals before you decide to hire someone. You'll ideally want something that is hypoallergenic and non-toxic to ensure your kids are not exposed to any harmful chemical dyes that could make them sick. For example, azo dyes are known to be hazardous and should ideally be avoided but are sometimes used in carpet dyeing. In fact, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has produced a report that prompted the recall of clothing that contained azo dyes because of unacceptable levels of aromatic amines. You'll want to ensure that these types of chemicals are kept away from your children. Make sure the dyes are non-toxic and pose no threat to your kids before you get started. 

2. Get Details Of The Drying Process 

Dyes do take a little while to dry, but some are faster than others. This is an important factor when you have kids because it can sometimes be tough to hold them back as kids are sneaky and can get into nooks and corners without your knowledge. Some dyes dry quickly so you can use the carpet soon after the dyeing process is complete, while others may require a few hours. It's probably best to shut the room for a little while before you let your kids back into it to give the dye adequate time to dry. 

3. Get An In-Home Consultation To Determine Whether Dyeing Is The Right Choice 

When you have kids, you want to make sure that the decision to dye your carpet versus complete replacement is the right one. You may want to get the professionals to visit your home to determine how long the process will take and whether your carpet can be dyed at all. For example, carpets made from materials like polyester and polypropylene usually cannot be dyed. You'll want to ensure that carpet dyeing is the right choice, which makes an in-home consultation all important. 

Carpet dyeing is a more cost-effective alternative, but it takes a little extra consideration with kids around. Let these factors help you make the best choice for your home.