Do you love red wine but can't believe you just spilled a glass on your gorgeous wedding dress at your reception? Your worst nightmare has come true. Don't worry! Some quick thinking can have your wedding dress looking as good as new so you can enjoy your reception once again.

Dab The Red Wine Stain With A Cloth Or Paper Towel

Firstly, get someone to find you a clean white cloth or paper towel. Avoid using any other coloured cloth because you don't want to risk the colour running on to your dress and causing another disaster. Start dabbing the stain gently, but take care not to rub it because you may end up spreading the stain further. Start dabbing from the outside of the stain towards the centre to prevent spreading.

Wet The Cloth With Water Or Soda And Continue Dabbing

If you have soda, wet the cloth with it and continue dabbing the stain. If you don't have soda, normal or sparkling water will do too. Hold the damp cloth over the red wine stain to see if it will break down and disappear from your dress. Remember not to rub too hard because you don't want to end up destroying the delicate fibres on your wedding dress.

Use Dishwashing Detergent To Remove The Stain

Your wedding venue will likely have a kitchen, so get someone to bring you some dishwashing liquid as soon as possible. Apply it to the cloth and let it rest on the stain for a short while. The dishwashing liquid will counterbalance the acidity of the red wine and will cause the stain to loosen from the dress. Wash the cloth and reapply detergent if the stain is very deep. Use a dry cloth to pat the red wine stain dry and prevent it from spreading.

Camouflage The Red Wine Stain With Baking Powder Or Talcum Powder

If you've managed to get most but not all of the red wine stain out, then your best option is to apply some baking or talcum powder to the area so that it appears stainless. Make sure you apply just enough to cover the stain, as you don't want the powder to be all over your dress during the reception.

These steps should help you get rid of or camouflage red wine stains at your wedding reception. Once the reception is over, invest in professional wedding dress cleaning as quickly as possible to preserve it.