Construction chutes are an ingenious creation. They create a safer and more efficient workplace by offering an effective way of removing rubbish and debris from roofs and elevated areas. However, these trash chutes can cause accidents when not properly used. Construction workers may fall through openings and unprotected edges if the installation is not done as required. So if you're going to be in charge of a construction project that uses these chutes, have these tips in mind. They will be crucial in ensuring a safe environment.

Ensure proper installation and preparation

Preparation and installation of equipment at any construction site is very important in ensuring safety. Like any other equipment, safety guidelines and manufacturer's instructions need to be followed to the letter. Ensure all the chutes are tightly fitted and secured to the building. This prevents dust or debris from escaping and also protects the chute from strong winds that could destabilise them.

Large chutes should have a supporting frame to ensure they remain secured in place. These supporting frames assist the chute in supporting both their weight and the weight of the trash. The use of an automatic winch during installation of the chutes assists in preventing strains and injuries from the workers since some chutes are considerably heavy.

Have a guardrail system

This system is an essential element as it is a part of controlling both chute openings and ground controls. The guardrails must be securely anchored to stay in place even when exposed to pressure and impact. This will prevent accidents such as tripping and falling.

Account for chute openings

Workers can easily fall through chute openings and loose edges, causing serious injuries. These chute openings may also harm the construction workers by dropping debris and obstacles on them. That's why all openings need to be dealt with by placing warning signs all around them. The chute openings also need to be covered. Keep in mind that the cover needs to be strong enough to support a lot more weight than the intended load.

Maximise on ground controls

Ensure the area where the debris will be landing is clear and safe even for pedestrians. In most cases, the debris hits the ground with a lot of momentum and may cause serious injuries if it lands on someone. Placing warning signs at multiple places and at all levels of the building where the chute passes is a great way to keep the workers safe and aware. Also ensure guardrails, barricade tapes and high visibility ropes are used.

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