Some owners of pressure washers may have noticed that the engine of the washer keeps revving erratically. This problem can be fixed easily without calling a professional for help. This article discusses some of the solutions that can get rid of that erratic revving in the engine of your pressure washer.

Airflow Challenges

The engine of your pressure washer may rev sporadically because it is experiencing an intermittent blockage of the air that it needs to function properly. The first thing that you should do is to check the air filter for clogs caused by debris or dirt. Clean out any clogs that you find and the erratic revving may stop. The vented fuel cap may have also become clogged. Clean it too in order to enable air to flow freely into the engine.

Fuel Issues

Some pressure washer engines may rev sporadically because the fuel inside the engine is old and degraded. This can happen when the washer is used after it has been in storage for a while, such as throughout winter. Alternatively, someone may have accidentally filled the tank with a mixture of oil and petrol that was intended to be used in a hedge trimmer or another landscaping power tool that uses a fuel/oil mixture. This can also cause the engine to rev erratically. Both issues can be solved by emptying the fuel tank so that it can be refilled with fresh fuel.

Spark Plug Issues

Pressure washer engines may also rev erratically if the spark plug has a problem. Check the wire attached to the spark plug to confirm that it is firmly attached. Tighten it in case you find that it is wobbling about. Next, check the spark plug for signs of corrosion. Use a wire brush to remove any rust that you see on that spark plug. Replace the spark plug in case you find that the corrosion is widespread.

Improper Carburetor Adjustment

A poorly adjusted pressure-washer carburetor can also cause the engine to rev erratically. Many pressure washers have screws that can be used to adjust the carburetor. Start your pressure washer and use a screwdriver to tighten or loosen each of those screws until the engine runs smoothly.

As you can see, you may not need to call a technician each time the engine of your pressure washer revs erratically. Use the measures above to fix the problem. If those solutions fail, call a professional for help.