If you own a nail salon, you have probably spilled nail polish on the carpet or rugs at least once. While this can be a frustrating stain to remove from the carpets, it is not impossible. Here are some tips for removing nail polish stains from carpeting or rugs in your nail salon.

Blot Up the Polish

The best thing you can do when you spill nail polish on the carpet of your salon is to blot it up immediately. If you can catch it while it is still wet, you might be able to remove most of it before it stains the carpeting. Grab whatever you have nearby to blot it up, whether that is a dry hand towel or paper towels. If you happen to have a sponge, that works great since it absorbs a lot of the moisture and can easily be rinsed. However, towels work great as well. It is a good idea to keep dry towels and sponges at each nail station so the technicians will be able to blot up the polish right away. Remember to always use a blotting motion and to never rub the polish into the carpet. It gets caught in the fibres and becomes more difficult to clean.

Use Non-Acetone Remover

If your carpeting is white or a light colour, non-acetone remover is usually the best cleaner to use for lifting the stain. However, you should not use this type of cleaner on dark carpet since it can pick up the carpeting dye along with it, causing unattractive discolouration. When you use non-acetone remover, pour a small amount of it directly onto the stain, then use a sponge to start lifting the stain. You want to use the same blotting motion that you used when trying to get the majority of the wet polish from the carpeting. Continue rotating the towel or sponge as you begin cleaning the stain. You can also use a stiff brush to scrub the area with the cleaner, but use the blotting method first.

Use Rubbing Alcohol on Coloured Carpet

For carpeting that is bright or dark coloured, you are better off using rubbing alcohol. Follow the same instructions with this cleaner by either pouring it onto the stain or onto the rag. It helps to put it directly on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes, as it soaks into the stain and helps lift it more effectively. Blot it with a towel or sponge, then use water on the area to rinse away the area. Use a dry towel to get the carpeting completely dry.

If you have a stain you can't lift on your own, contact a local carpet cleaning company to remove it. In the future, it is a good idea to use a plastic protective sheeting over the carpeting near where the nail stations are.