Your office building needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, but you might not want to use harsh cleaning products. Vinegar is an excellent natural cleaning product that is inexpensive and effective. Here are some different areas of your office building that can be cleaned with vinegar.

Clean Your Electronic Devices

Your office electronic equipment and devices need to be cleaned, and sometimes using a feather duster isn't enough. If too much dust builds up inside your computer or keyboard, they can start working properly over time. Vinegar is an excellent cleaning product for electronics as it is gentle, safe, and natural. If you find straight white distilled vinegar to be too strong, you can try diluting it with water. Vinegar is safe to use on your computer monitor and tower, laptops and tablets, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, and your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories.

Remove Wax Buildup

Waxing is sometimes done when polishing leather furniture or wood surfaces in the office, but if there is a buildup of the wax or furniture polish, it can be difficult to remove. Vinegar is a great cleaning product to be used on buildup of wax. You want to dilute it to where you have the same amount of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray it on the surface with the wax buildup, then wipe it away with a microfiber cloth. If it is tight space, such as a corner or edge, you can use cotton swabs to remove the buildup.

Clean Carpet Stains

Your office carpet probably has quite a bit of stains over time, from dirt tracked in to spilling pen or printer ink on the ground. If regular stain removal methods are not working, it might be time to pull out the vinegar. This cleaning product is excellent at removing stains from your office carpeting and rugs. Remember that if you find the spills while they are wet, blotting them up with a clean and dry towels should always be your first step. However, once the stain sets in, vinegar can help finish the job. Dilute the vinegar as much as you want or pour it directly onto the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes, then begin blotting it up until the stain is gone. Even if it doesn't completely remove stains, it helps lighten them so that when your office cleaning crew arrives, their stain removal job is much easier.

Deodorize Surfaces

You may have a lot of weird smells in your office, particularly after lunch time. If you have strong smells of microwave popcorn, broccoli, and coffee swirling around in the air, vinegar can be a great deodorizer. You can either spray surfaces with diluted vinegar to give it a clean scent, or simply clean up areas like the microwave or kitchen countertops where the smells are the worst.

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