Some people love folding laundry, but others dread the task. They wash all their clothes, put them in the laundry basket and then, let the clothes sit interminably. Sometimes, the clean clothes end up in a pile on the floor, and there, they get trod upon by pets and rustled through as everyone in the household tries to find their clean outfits.

If this scenario happens to you, it's time to explore alternatives to folding. Check out these ideas.

1. Roll and stuff.

Typically, people fold their clothes and place them in a stack in their drawers. You likely have to rustle through this stack to find the shirt or pair of jeans that you need, and the rustling messes up all of your hard work. Luckily, you can avoid this particular issue and skip folding at the same time.

Instead, roll up your clothes. Just lay them lengthwise on your floor or bed, and roll them up into cylinder shapes. This is usually a lot faster than folding. Once they are rolled up, arrange them in your drawer from front to back.

This makes each item easily visible, and you can simply grab the item you need without messing up a pile. In addition, rolled up clothes take up less room than folded clothes, helping you maximise your drawer space.

2. Hang it up.

Rather than folding your laundry, hang it up. Use hangers for some items, but to save even more time, install hooks inside your closet, and hang your clothes on them. Hooks work especially well for jeans or other trousers with belt loops and hooded jumpers.

3. Create a basket system.

For soft clothing such as t-shirts, pyjamas and woolen pullovers, you don't necessarily need to fold them as wrinkles aren't a large concern. This is especially true of kids' clothing, which is likely to get rumpled anyway.

Instead of folding, invest in some wire baskets, and throw the unfolded clothes into the baskets. Wire stacking baskets are the best option as they can be easily arranged in a closet, and they allow you to see the clothes inside.

4. Hire a wash-and-fold service.  

If you hate folding laundry but you also hate wrinkles and rumpled clothing, you may need to outsource this task. Luckily, there are mobile wash-and-fold services. They pick up your laundry, wash it, fold it and return it. That way, you always have clean folded clothes without having to do the folding yourself.